How it works

KONNEK™ was developed to simplify your job, save you time and make you more profitable. Therefore we made the app flexible, intuitive and easy to deploy for end-users as well as equipment manufacturers. You are only a few steps away from building lasting business relationships and improve your company’s profitability!

1 – Apply a KONNEK™ tag to the equipment

2 – KONNEK™ links the tag with the equipment, supplier and customer data

3 – A simple scan brings the user directly to your information, contacts and documents

Steps 1 and 2 can be executed in any order to fit your internal business processes. They can be repeated at any time to update your information.

KONNEK Process

and Benefits

KONNEK™ has been developed with the end-user in mind, and based on field experience and customer feedback. KONNEK™ is the first intuitive and affordable tool to connect customers and suppliers to the equipment they have in common.

OEMs and Service companies using KONNEK™ will enjoy increased high margin from their aftermarket sales and repeat business from their customer base.

Increased Profitability

Aftermarket revenues

Repeat sales

Lower OPEX

Save Time

Simplified business processes

24/7/365 data availability


Data Safety

Encrypted data

Controlled access

Automated backups


Easy data entry

No software to maintain


Effortless Customer Contact

Automated notifications

Push/pull sales

Bidirectional interactions

Value Added Services

Remote Monitoring*

IIOT level 2-3*

Data analysis*

Easy Documentation Management

All document types

Hyperlinks / photos / videos


Simple Collaboration

Efficient customer service

Information sharing

Foster team work

Asked Questions

Will my data be safe with KONNEK™?

Your data is safe.

KONNEK™ uses the same encryption technology used by banks worldwide. Data and apps are hosted on leading Cloud Computing platforms with the highest availability levels, redundancy, and disaster recovery protocols.

Will I have enough of 5 licenses?

The starter package of 5 licenses will be sufficient for the majority of SMBs (Small to Midsize Businesses).  However, for certain types of service companies, or for large corporations, additional licenses can be easily added to answer your needs.

Do we need to pay for software upgrades or maintenance?

No!  KONNEK™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web app. You only pay a monthly or yearly fee, and we take care of upgrades and maintenance for all our customers.

How do I print KONNEK™ tags?

When you need tags, simply generate the print files from within the KONNEK™ app (Admin access required). Once downloaded, you can print the tags yourself or send the file to your local printer/engraver. Contact us if you need special tag formats.

What types of tag materials are available?

The tag material depends on the environment where they will be deployed. Light duty applications may only require laser printed paper tags, while other may require laser etched stainless steel. Contact us if you are not sure which material type is better suited to your needs.

How do I scan a KONNEK Tag (QR Code)?

You can scan QR Codes with your smartphone or tablet.

iPhones and iPads: Simply open the camera and point to the QR Code. The camera will recognize the QR Code and display a link to the equipment’s web page in KONNEK”.

Android: We recommend “Google Lens” for scanning the QR Codes. Simply open Google Lens and point to the QR Code. A link will appear directly over the QR Code you are scanning. You can also download “QR Code Reader” from Google Play store, it works well with QR Codes but does not have all Google Lens features.

Samsung: Google Lens works well with Samsung phones but they also have their own version, Bixby Vision. Open your phone’s camera, Bixby vision is available from the top left corner of the screen.

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Simplified IOT Deployment

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360° Connection for Customers, Suppliers and Equipment

For OEMs, Service companies and Integrators

Tag Examples

You can design your own tags or you can use the templates available in KONNEK™. Tags can be made of any material suitable for your application; paper, polyester, plastic or laser etched metal. Click on the image below to see typical tags.

Krato Tag