IIOT / IOT / Industry 4.0

At KONNEK we look at the Industrial Internet of Things (aka IIOT, IOT or Industry 4.0) from a different angle…. your angle.

Usually, IIOT deployments involve committing to large projects using a good chunk of a company’s resources (financial, human, time, etc.). To make matters worse, and mostly because of the nature of your core business, you cannot afford to hire people with IOT specific skill sets (e.g. IT, equipment communications protocols, hardware, process, etc.).

KONNEK lets you focus on your core business by providing a standardized IIOT conduit that quickly and easily connects equipment, customers and suppliers. Smaller and simpler IIOT projects can be delivered in days by the people you already have on board. You can now leverage your experience and expertise and improve profitability selling value-added services through a KONNEK IIOT conduit.

KONNEK IIOT IOT Industry 4.0

KONNEK’s IIOT solution is designed specifically for OEMs, Service companies, Systems Integrator and Distributors, but it can also be used by equipment owners to collect and analyze data to generate valuable information leading to improved performance and profitability.

Unlock your full value with KONNEK


Flexible IIOT business models

KONNEK’S IIOT solutions integrate to your equipment’s PLC/PC
  • No additional hardware cost
  • No software development cost*
  • 3 levels of software integration to choose from
    1. Minimalist – A unique https:// command
    2. Customized local PC/PLC data management
    3. Business development partnership

A short video to quickly visualize what KONNEK™ IIOT can do for you!

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